How To Calculate The Capacity Of a Solar Energy System Based On The Condition Of The Roof (courtyard)?| Demuda

March 18, 2024

In general cases, given each module has a power output of 280 watts and measures 1164mm long by 992mm wide, we can estimate the appropriate size of a PV system for a home rooftop or courtyard using these equations:

1.For a fixed installation on a concrete flat roof: Installed Capacity = 100 watts per square meter × the roof area.

2.For a fixed installation on a metal or tiled roof: Installed Capacity = 150 watts per square meter × the roof area.

3.For an installation with high-standing support poles in the courtyard featuring active tracking: Installed Capacity = 110 watts per square meter × (the east-west dimension of the courtyard multiplied by 5 meters).

For most homes, a 3 to 5 kilowatt PV system installation is usually enough to cover daily electricity requirements.

In the case of Hebei Province, for fixed installations, the annual generation is estimated at around 1460 hours; for installations with time-dependent active tracking, it is calculated based on an average of 1890 hours of generation annually.

A fixed 3 kW system commonly generates approximately 12 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per day;

A fixed 5 kW system averages about 20 kWh of electricity production daily, potentially exceeding 24 kWh on clear days;

A 5 kW system with active tracking technology, on average, produces roughly 26 kWh of energy per day, climbing up to more than 30 kWh on particularly sunny days.

Please note that due to differences in regional temperature and sunlight conditions, actual power generation will vary.

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