The photoelectric conversion efficiency of new solar cells reaches 25%? | Demuda

November 08, 2023

Germany and Belgium scientists have teamed up to develop a high-performance perovskite/CIS tandem solar cell with an impressive photoelectric conversion rate of 25 percent, setting a new record for this type of product. The new battery is lightweight and flexible, with broad application prospects, which can be used in cars, portable devices, and foldable devices.

Perovskite is a unique new material, and in recent years, the development of perovskite solar cells has been rapid, approaching the level of silicon solar cells.

By stacking two or more batteries together, the efficiency of solar cells can be significantly improved. If each stacked battery can effectively absorb different wavelengths of sunlight, losses can be reduced and overall photoelectric conversion efficiency can be increased. Due to its versatility, perovskite batteries have become an important part of the stacked battery field. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of tandem solar cells made using both perovskite and silicon has exceeded 29%, far higher than that of single-use perovskite (25.7%) or silicon (26.7%) batteries.

Recently, an international research team led by Dr Marco Priesendorf from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology successfully produced high-efficiency perovskite/CIS tandem solar cells with a photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 24.9 percent, currently the highest among similar technologies.

Researchers believe that combining perovskite with other materials such as copper indium diselenide or copper indium gallium diselenide could produce lightweight and flexible tandem solar cells. These batteries can not only be installed on buildings but also on cars and portable devices, and even folded or rolled up for storage and extended when needed, such as on blinds or awnings, providing shade while generating power at the same time.

The researchers said: "This latest research proves the huge potential of perovskite/CIS tandem solar cells and paves the way for future increases in efficiency above 30 percent."

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