How to correctly and effectively remove snow from photovoltaic power plants? | Demuda

April 26, 2023

As energy conservation is becoming more and more important, more people are choosing to use photovoltaic power stations. However, in the photovoltaic power stations located in the north, removing snow in winter is a big problem. Here we introduce some practical tips related to removing snow from photovoltaic power stations, so that your photovoltaic power station can still have good power generation performance in snowy weather.

Firstly, it is worth noting that the photovoltaic components of the power station will not be damaged due to low temperature. But if snow covers the solar cell panel, it will reduce the power generation of the entire system.

So, how to prevent snow accumulation? For those areas that often snow, it is recommended to install photovoltaic components with a large tilt angle to prevent snow. This will make the snow slide off at a certain level and reduce the accumulation rate of snow. When installing, it is necessary to maintain a certain distance between the bottom of the component and the ground, so that the snow will slide and accumulate at the bottom instead of accumulating on the components.

If snow has already covered the photovoltaic components, how to remove snow? Please don’t use sharp objects to avoid scratching the glass. Also, do not use hot water to wash the surface of the solar panel, because uneven temperature will seriously damage the surface of the solar panel. When removing snow, do not step on the components. Otherwise, it may violate the weight-bearing requirements of the components and cause hidden cracks or damage, affecting the service life of the components.

But it is necessary to remove the snow before it gets too thick; otherwise, the component may freeze. Besides, when removing snow, it is necessary to clean the blocked solar cell board to prevent it from losing efficiency or causing the inverter's power generation efficiency to significantly decrease.

For small photovoltaic power stations, a soft cloth mop can be used to push off the snow. This method is cost-effective and convenient. Also, a cloth or a plastic bag can be used to cover the photovoltaic power station, which can be taken off once the snow stops.

For large photovoltaic power stations, you can choose a robotic snow removal method, which is faster, labor-saving, and efficient. In addition, there are also some folk snow removal methods, such as using a tennis ball to gently bounce on an inclined photovoltaic component, or the "rope snow removal" method created by some experts.

When removing snow from the photovoltaic power station, safety must be taken into account, especially when standing on the roof. Choosing the correct and safe way to remove snow from the power station can make your photovoltaic power station have good power generation performance even in the winter in the north.

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